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What is the best way to contact you?

Since we are a home-based daycare, most of the time, I am unable to answer calls over the phone because of our active schedule throughout the day. Even with a couple of assistants, I am very hands on with the kids—supervising play, teaching, cleaning up after crafts, preparing meals and snacks, potty breaks, just to mention a few. We try to provide all you need to know about us on our website and if you have further questions, I am better able to answer them through email during my quick break or after hours.

How many kids do you have during the day?

We are licensed for a capacity of 14 kids (including my own). We normally have a couple of kids under 2, 3-5 preschoolers, and 4-5 school-age kids that we pick up from local schools. I have one to two female assistants/teachers and my husband, mainly does school-age transportation. Each day varies since I accept full-time (Monday-Fridays) and part-time (varied days during the week) care.

What will my son do after he gets picked up from school?

Kids are picked up from various schools from 2:00-3:00p.m. We provide space, time, and some help with homework from Monday-Thursday. The children will have homework and quiet reading time from 3:00-4:00 p.m. I am able to help if they have any questions or need a little more guidance. I encourage the kids to finish as much homework as they can so that they are able to have more family time when they get home. However, we are not responsible if they do not finish all their homework. Some kids require more time and one-on-one tutoring from their parent or specialized tutor. Reading logs and projects are done at home with the parents. We have snack from 4:00-4:30 p.m, and free time thereafter, until they are picked up.

How long is the waiting list?

I typically have about 2-4 families on my waiting list. The potential families are contacted depending on what type of spot opens (i.e, full-time, part-time, preschool, infant). I contact the families based on the needs of our daycare. There are times where I have two open spots immediately because of a family relocating to a different state or it could be a full-time child needing to switch to part-time. And there are also times when I don’t have a spot open for 5 months. It all depends on the circumstances of my current Kidz Haven families. Please try to fill out as much info as possible on the Waiting List form so that when the need arises, I am able to contact you.

Can I schedule a tour of your place?

We schedule tours/meetings after hours so that we are free from distraction when we meet new families. I also do not want to take any time away from the kids I care for. And due to many people wanting to check us out, we are only able to open our home when there is a potential opening. We reserve after hours for my own family time, ministries at my church, or personal/business errands.

Why is your address not on your website?

For security reasons, we prefer not to put our address on the website because our daycare is run in our own home. If it was in a commercial center, we would not have any reservations. But in this day and age, we can’t gauge people’s true motives for wanting to check out our home daycare so we go through a screening process before we meet any potential families. We want to ensure our safety and most of all, the privacy and safety of the kids we care for.

Do you have sibling discounts?

We definitely understand that daycare costs may be daunting for parents that have multiple children. However, we are limited (by State licensing standards) in the number of kids we can have so each space is valuable for our business operations. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer any sibling discounts.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept personal checks, cash, or an online payment system through ChildCarepay.com.

Do you accept kids that are not potty trained?

Yes, we do. There is no additional fee for potty training. However, please check out our Rates section for tuition rates regarding non potty-trained kids at a certain age.

Do we get a discount if my child only needs a half-day preschool?

Our tuition is based on booked days and not attendance. So the rate stays the same whether a child is here for 4 hours or 8 hours. I typically cater to families that need a full day schedule and will fill in those spots first. I might be able to offer half day programs in the future if there’s a need for it.

Can we switch days if we’re enrolled on a part-time basis?

Unfortunately, we cannot switch around your child’s scheduled days of enrollment on an occasional or semi-occasional basis. In other words, contracted days cannot be altered on a weekly basis. If you feel that you need and/or want a more flexible schedule, then you may want to consider adding days or enrolling full-time. Please keep in mind that you can also pay for extra days (Drop-in) on an as needed basis if there’s availability.