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“Best decision I ever made was to take my two kids to Kidz Haven. My kids learned so much. Amazing place and you’ll have peace of mind that your kids are well taken care of.”

The De Guzman's

“Kidz Haven is a loving and nurturing environment that encourages positive social interaction amongst kids of different ages. While attending Kidz haven, my eldest, Isabella was able to receive the structure that she needed by participating in reading groups, arts & crafts, playtime and fieldtrips. Donna & John played an instrumental part in assisting me with potty training and making sure that Isabella was on track with her developmental milestones. I was also lucky enough to have my second daughter, Victoria attend Kidz haven, and was just as pleased with the care she received. The best part of having both Isabella and Victoria attend Kidz Haven was that I never had to worry about their well-being while I was at work. The peace of mind that I felt knowing that my kids were in good care was priceless. I would sincerely recommend Kidz Haven to any parent looking for a fun, safe, interactive and nurturing place for their kids.”

Escamilla, M

I’ve seen such an improvement ever since my daughter attended Kidz Haven. She’s made new friends, learned new skills such as painting, cutting, and tracing, and I love when she comes home and sings the news songs she learned from daycare. I love the caring staff. Their love and care for the children are so evident! Kidz Haven is like family!!!

Mirasol, C

We are so grateful we found Kidz Haven! Donna and Jon were excellent at transitioning my 20 month son into the daycare. Ever since he was a baby, he has always been at home in grandma’s care. Also, he’s NEVER been left at anyone’s house without us so I was so nervous about leaving him in a new environment. They eased him in quickly and now, he doesn’t even want to leave when I pick him up!

This is not just any ordinary daycare. They have crafts and learning assignments everyday. It brings a smile to my face every time he shows off his new craft and artwork. He was barely speaking when we enrolled him and now, he comes home with new phrases that amuse me. He used to be shy and clingy but now he is more comfortable with meeting new people. I am a very protective mother but happy to see my “baby” boy become more independent. I am also excited about their annual field trips. They get free or discounted tickets to the most popular attractions. He had a blast with his Kidz Haven buddies at the LA Fair last year.

Kidz Haven also participates in a healthy meal plan and he eats more in daycare than at home. When they tell me he eats all his meats and vegetables, I am relieved he is getting the right nutrition since it’s a battle to get him to eat anything at home.Putting him in their daycare is the best decision we made because we know he is learning and he has so much fun. You can tell that Donna and Jon love the children and that’s piece of mind for us.

Truong Family

I’ve always been very skeptical about leaving my daughter to a Daycare. As a new Mom, I tend to be very protective of my little girl.  How can a stranger take care of someone else’s kid, right?  So after much thought and lots of prayers, my husband and I decided to let go and take our then 2 yr old daughter, Keilana, to Kid’s Haven under the care of Donna…and it was our best decision yet!!!

Keilana, who at first was very shy around people, became very active and sociable with all the kids at the Daycare.  Since we only bring her there twice to three times a week, she’s always so eager to see her friends and teacher.  She learned so much at Kid’s Haven…she learned to recognize shapes, colors and numbers in only a few weeks.  She also learned to color inside the lines.  She learned to sing lots of children’s songs and she learned to recognize and write letters and she became very active as a child.  We owe it all to Kid’s Haven…

Kid’s Haven really cares for the well being of a child…they are hands on with the kids and the food that they serve is also wonderful and healthy.  My daughter would come home asking me for pasta and vegetables and would say to me…”Mommy, I want vegetables like the ones at Daycare…”  It is truly a wonderful haven for my little girl.

l just gave birth to a son a couple months ago and I wouldn’t hesitate to take him to Kid’s Haven as well…I would recommend it to all the Mothers out there who are skeptical about leaving their child to a Daycare because Kid’s Haven is not just a Daycare…it’s an awesome home for your child to grow, to learn and to be loved!

Madeline G.

Taking my son Ethan to Jon & Donna’s daycare was such a blessing and we are grateful for how wonderful & loving they were towards Ethan & all the other kids. He learned so much…letters, numbers, shapes….he enjoyed every moment he was there.

Lopez, J

As a working mother, it was very hard to find a quality daycare for my two-year-old daughter, Sophia. We tried several “franchise daycares” and were unhappy with the quality of care she was receiving. We finally found Kidz Haven and it has been an answer to our prayers! She went there for two years, and more recently, our newest addition to the family, Max, was going as well.

Sophia felt very comfortable right away in this type of home setting and she enjoyed the many crafts, activities, and age-appropriate instruction and field trips! She has learned so much from Kidz Haven, such as letters, numbers, songs, how to write her name, and how to cut. The curriculum that Kidz Haven uses has provided my pre-school daughter with many skills she will need before kindergarten. The meals and snacks are nutritious and kid-friendly as well.

I have been very impressed and happy with the way this daycare operates. It really gives me peace of mind to know that when I am at work, my children are in a safe, positive environment with people who really care. It is professionally run by people who really understnd and care for your most precious little ones! Without a doubt, I would recommend Kidz Haven to other families looking for excellent childcare.

Mabini, V

I am very grateful to to you, Jon, Liz, and your sisters for looking after our daughter so well. Kidz Haven was the only accredited program that would pick up from Cal Aero Preserve Academy, which was a lifesaver for me and her father. We also appreciated that you picked her up at her classroom door and that she did not have to walk outside the school gates into the parking lot by herself. She had time to work on her homework and she enjoyed playing with the other children. Olivia trusted you and felt safe with you. I still can’t quite believe that you persuaded her to eat brussels sprouts, which she now enjoys at home.

Maria S.