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Kids learn the most at this developmental age even more than the average person attending a 4-year college! They are naturally curious and motivated to learn. While toddlers and preschoolers often “play”, this is a great opportunity to provide them with various activities and materials that will stimulate their physical, cognitive, and social development. We also help to stimulate creativity and foster learning with the following weekly activities:

Life Concepts
Themes that develop social skills such as: Safety Awareness, Good Manners, Hygiene, and many more

Music and movement, fingerplays, games, fun fitness such as galloping, skipping, etc

Art / Crafts
Fine motor skills: painting, gluing, cutting, free art

Calendar, weather, writing practice, math, language arts, science

Manipulatives / Sensory
Puzzles, play dough, blocks, LEGO &trade

Cooking Lessons
Fun snacks and recipes such as making pizza, homemade pretzels, etc

Free Choice
Dramatic play, toys, free art, aqua doodle, wipe-off board, chalkboard

Note: We mainly use a preschool curriculum from Star-Brite learning which includes traditions and practices from various cultures. We also include Christian kids’ music and some stories from a children’s Bible.