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My son was one of Kidz Haven’s original students.  It was the first daycare for my first child so you can only imagine how concerned I was with leaving him.  It didn’t take long for us to be at ease.  The daycare was always clean and well-kept.  The daily activities were balanced with education/fun. And I can’t leave out the fantastic staff.  We loved it as much as our son did.

Unfortunately due to geography, we had to part ways with Kidz Haven. Since then, we’ve had another kid and have gone through many other childcare facilities.  None have ever come close to the service and care as we received from KH.

Throughout the years we have visited this facility and I can tell that it still has the same quality as when we left.

Glad to have had them be a part of my son’s infant to toddler years.

Monica R.

My son Jeremiah was cared for at KH! The love and care my child experienced was wonderful. Each teacher had a unique way of making each child feel special! The owners are amazing God fearing individuals and my family really loves them! My son started there before entering preschool and just recently stop attending for family reason now that he is the first grade. He struggled with school, but the support, the tutoring and the love as well as the prayer that the owners gave him during his struggle helped him to be involved in his learning and his development. We really miss KH! I would recommend KH to everyone! And I have already! Thank you Donna and Jon for loving my family and for making my son feel as if he was part of yours! Stay Blessed!

Turner, D

My son has being attending Kidz Haven since he was 1st Grade at 5 years old, he is 9 years old now become 4th Grade.

You will feel very comfortable leaving your child with Mrs. Donna.
Her house is always clean. She is very attentive, lovely person and caring about all of the children.

You will be totally satisfied with Donna.
I am so blessed to have found such a happy and loving place for my son!

Annie M.

As a Parent who focuses on the principles of love and respect, finding a daycare provider for my children was not a difficult decision once we discovered Kidz Haven. My wife and I walked into Kidz Haven based on a recommendation from a community board and we were impressed from day one. Both Jon and Donna made the transitions for both my children very easy and my kids looked forward to going to Kidz Haven daily.

When you have the passion that Kidz Haven does for caring for children, you can recognize the happiness that transcends through Donna to the children. There were occasions when I would pick my kids, and they would tell me all the things they learned and did. Things that I would have thought were over my children’s learning curves, and were not. I can’t forget to mention the field trips (Lego Land, Pomona Fair) and presentations (Christmas Party) Kidz Haven sponsors, or all the holiday/birthday parties the kids loved.

I won’t bore you with the details of cleanliness, nutrition, education, ethics, safety, rules, or financial practicality, etc. because they were all on point. At the end of the day, my kids were loved, educated, and cared for as if they were one of their own children. And on our last day, we all cried, because it was so hard to say goodbye since we were moving. Today my Daughter still talks about “Tita Donna” and all the fun she remembered having. If you are lucky enough to find a spot in Kidz Haven, your child will be one of the fortunate ones, and you can go on with your day knowing you made the right decision.

Joe D.

My daughter has been going there since she was around 15 months (she is now 3) and we couldn’t be happier. The place itself is awesome, like a little school inside a home with lots of learning materials and toys. It is always neat and clean!
They are licensed and CPR certified. The food is healthy. They follow a curriculum, so the kids are not just playing and/or watching TV, they do crafts and learn a lot of things like their ABCs and numbers and colors, etc…
And the people there are just great! Tita Donna, Jon and Tita G. are absolutely awesome with the kids. They are truly good people and will always try to go the extra mile to help us with our crazy schedules! And more than that they became family! They really take good care of the kids! My daughter loves them and is always excited to to go there and see them.
Plus they have a lot of extras that we all really enjoy! They have parents night out, family field trip and a Christmas pageant at the end of every year, where we can see the kids perform and hang out with all the parents and kids.
It is truly a great place. So if you are looking for a daycare for your little ones, don’t hesitate a second! They are the best!

Selon, C

We love Kidz Haven! My daughter has been going since she was eight weeks old and now she is 2 and a half. It really is a home away from home. She loves going and playing and learning! They are always doing cute crafts and activities. Donna really knows my daughter. Her husband Jon is very sweet and my daughter loves him! They are a great team. I feel like my daughter is safe and loved at Kidz Haven….what else could I ask for?

Clark, S

Kidz Haven does answer to it’s name : it is a family run fun haven for kids.Truly one of  the best daycare and learning center in the the Eastvale community. Wonderful environment for young children! Both of my kids are attending this place and my youngest one has been attending since he was 1 year old. He is now 5 y old,  in Kindergarten and is still being picked up after school.
Tita Donna and John are fantastic with the children, very professional and family oriented. I love the learning activities, the Kiddie Time newsletter, the field trips and the parents night out!

Toure, A.

As a Mother, we all have our anxieties when it comes to that stage when someone except you has to take care of your baby while you are away at work.

I have 2 boys, I work full time, and my first born was reared by my parents all the way up to Kindergarten. I was fortunate, until they got involved in a car accident, plus old age catching up. With my second, it was somewhat frightening, none of us had been to day care before, and the thought of having a non-family to watch your child made me a little scared. Luckily, somewhere within our neighborhood is KidZ Haven. I knew Donna previously, and I know what she does, not realizing in the future that I get to benefit from her service.

Knowing that she also is a Mom herself is already comforting. She opened her arms to our Son Domenic and treated him as if he is one of her own. At the time, Domenic was almost 2 years old, I will come home from work and very much surprised to hear him recite the alphabet, there was always something he learns from Kidz Haven, counting, shapes and colors.

Most of all,  my Son learned to speak. During that time, his pediatrician sent me a referral letter to a speech therapist. I was very much in denial that I ignored it. Kidz Haven really took care of our Domenic, meals and snacks are provided, he learned how to read and write, which is of great help now that he is in Kindergarten. They have indoor and outdoor activities along with the teachings of love and respect to others and to Christ the Lord.My husband and I enjoyed their Christmas presentation, movie nights ( we get to got out on date 🙂 )and I for one, the field trips.

I highly recommend KidZ Haven to everyone, the name speaks for itself, it is a safe haven for the little ones, filled with care, learning, and fun!

Jewel, Eastvale mom

“A sincere Thank You to Kidz Haven for the love and spiritual guidance provided to Natalya during her time with you.  Kidz Haven is a great structured daycare that provides the fundamentals for children.  I’ve been thankful and pleased with your services.  We’ll miss you! It’s a bitter sweet departure.  Best of luck and we’ll stay in touch!”

Castellanos, L.

“My daughter loved going to Kidz Haven after school. She not only finished her homework in Kidz Haven but also had a lot of fun playing with the kids. She loved the nutritious snacks provided by Kids Haven which I believe are better than other regular after school cares. Donna checked over her homework and reminded me of what needed to be done at home when I picked up my daughter. It was a great help for me as a full-time working mom.”

Wu, C.